Monday, September 15, 2014

Light Language Art on 22" Frame Drum

I am preparing this drum for the Nashville Star Knowledge Conference where I will be presenting a light language activation play-shop on Sept 18. We will be drumming for spiritual awakening in humanity.

The codes vary like the dialects of spoken language. They are spiritual or cosmic frequencies (sacred geometry) that give instructions to the DNA, body, emotions, etc. like what binary code does for a computer.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sepia-toned Light Language Art Piece

This is a bit different--more pictorial--than the codes or symbols that I normally write in light language. I saw this one in my mind's eye before I actually started painting.

Typically, when I write symbols in light language, it is a form of automatic writing in which my hand moves of its own accord and I cannot predict what the next stroke of the pen will create. I know these symbols carry energy and information, but so far, I've not interpreted much of my own writing unless I'm giving a reading in light language. Other people have given interpretations about what it means to them.

I think the beauty of light language, like any other artistic expression, surpasses the logical mind and goes straight to the heart or soul of the one viewing it. Therefore it has limitless interpretations.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Light Language Art August 24, 2014

As I was filling in the background spaces on this one, I noticed different light language symbols forming. I have not seen many of them in my normal code writing. These felt mathematical, like I was opening up a new level of binary language. I still do not get interpretations for these codes, but they are fun to create.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Painting Abstracts and Inner Guidance

Beauty is not found in perfection. It is found in creating joy.

I usually paint abstracts by moving the brush and seeing what happens. I started this one using circle patterns and measuring with a ruler because that is what my inner guidance suggested. I felt so frustrated erasing and doing the lines again only to find that they were not exactly straight or equal in proportion.

I quit halfway through the sketch and went to watch a movie. I had to get off my feet—I'd been standing for more than an hour trying to “get it right.” I came back later and was going to put away the mess when my guidance suggested I draw the inner part of the circles free hand.

“The proportions will not be perfect,” I argued.


“They won’t be exact.”

“Do you want beauty and joy or perfection and frustration?”

No brainer. I put away the ruler and drew what came to me. I started relaxing and enjoying the process. Here is how it turned out. I call it "Pretty Imperfect."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Light Language Art

This one has galactic code and a triple goddess symbols.

The sacred feminine pours her essence into the womb or challis of creation. The sacred masculine unites with her and drinks her amrita (divine nectar) and is set afire with love for her. This represents the divine marriage within each of us; we are made in the image of our creator that is both male and female.

Earth letting go of her old paradigm of God in a box, worship of money, and greedy business practices in order to unite with the cosmic understanding of oneness and birth a new paradigm of love and community.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Light Language Art

I've just published a book about light language. Along with it I've created some art that I would like to share.

Geometric shapes and gyres of light language . . .

Symbols or galactic codes ...

Four directions/elements ...

A new cosmic breed perhaps?

Healing the wounds of religion ...

Healing our ancestors ...

Working with the angelic kingdom ...

The five elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit ...