Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun & Funky Shaggy Scarves and Hats

My friend Vickie is a fan of my crocheting. She asked me to make her this adorable scarf. I had enough material left over to make her a hat and make myself a scarf and hat set.

A Few Crocheted Things to Wear

I just can't seem to stop crocheting. I've made several items to wear. I really like the ear warmer headbands!

Crocheted Purses, Backpack, and Checkbook Covers

Sock Money Crocheted Hat

This was a fun project. It was part of my grandson's first Halloween costume. He went trick or treating as Sock Monkey.

We made his outfit too.

A Pink & Fuschia Scarf for a Friend's Mother

My friend, Vickie, asked me to make a scarf for her mother. I think it turned out nice.

Yo Gabba Gabba Dolls

I loved making these for my grandkids. They have enjoyed playing with them at my house and at home.

Crocheted Hats

I had a ton of fun crocheting hats for my family this past holiday season. I think I made about forty hats total.

Including one for my son to wear as he works on client's cars.

That's not including the ones I made for myself and the grandkids.

Painting Mandala Art on Canvas

The canvas is homemade by my husband, Randy. He used duck cloth and 2x2 inch white lumber to create a 4x4 foot frame with a cross brace in the middle.Then he sealed it with two coats of latex primer.

We drew the design with pencil and used blue painter's tape to create sharp, straight edges.

I cut a heart template from lightweight cardboard and laid it evenly spaced around the center. Here, I am painting the hearts to look like lotus flowers.

Next, I painted the purple circle and the center eye.

After painting the edges, Randy taped off the narrow line for the green border.

Here is the final product hanging in our living room.

Sock Monkey Baby Crib Quilt

I had enough material to create two sock monkey quilts.  The first one is the one that stays at my house:

The other is cherished by my grandson, Liam. I'll show the process for this one. Here I have cut out the pieces to form the sock monkey body for the front of the quilt. I appliqued this to the brown dotted fabric.

Here I have cut out the pieces to form the sock monkey body for the front of the quilt. I appliqued this to the brown dotted fabric.

I have the squares cut and laid out on a brown background to give me a visual of how I want the pattern to form.

Then I put the squares together with the solid brown strips between.

All three layers were basted to hold things together while I quilted it.

The finished quilt top (front)

And the finished quilt back.

There's also a crib bumper to match the quilt.

Liam has adopted it as a toy.