Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Painting Abstracts and Inner Guidance

Beauty is not found in perfection. It is found in creating joy.

I usually paint abstracts by moving the brush and seeing what happens. I started this one using circle patterns and measuring with a ruler because that is what my inner guidance suggested. I felt so frustrated erasing and doing the lines again only to find that they were not exactly straight or equal in proportion.

I quit halfway through the sketch and went to watch a movie. I had to get off my feet—I'd been standing for more than an hour trying to “get it right.” I came back later and was going to put away the mess when my guidance suggested I draw the inner part of the circles free hand.

“The proportions will not be perfect,” I argued.


“They won’t be exact.”

“Do you want beauty and joy or perfection and frustration?”

No brainer. I put away the ruler and drew what came to me. I started relaxing and enjoying the process. Here is how it turned out. I call it "Pretty Imperfect."